Updates and Images


Gaulesa & Titaniâ CDR

Sold to Kier Equestrian

Reinforcing their studfarm with the incredible pure Alter Real mare Gaulesa and her fily from 2023 by our Boemio, we are grateful to support a new and upcoming Lusitano Studfarm in Denmark. 

Strong blodlines and quality in the selection of horses made the choise easy, when Ingeborg Kier searched an additional strenghtening of her stud with us. We look forward to see them excell in the future and are proud to know another offpring from our stallions at stud will improve the quality of Lusitano breeding at Kier Equestrian.

Troia CDR

Sold to Ida de Fouw - UK

When Ida came to search for her next breeding mare and riding horse, knowing she is the Studbook secretary for the Lusitano Breed Society in the UK, I was very pleased that she found her filly of choice with us. 

We aim to combine the quality in our breeding with quality of handling and management, of all horses. The combination of the highest quality on both sides made Troia CDR the choice of a very picky lady ;)

Tamara CDR

Sold til Karin Skaglund - Finland

From the first time we connected in her search for a Lusitano filly I had the feeling Tamara CDR was going to be the right filly for Karin. Although she was presented with all the fillies for sale, the choise was obvious.

We look forward to seeing Tamara CDR in her new home late 2023, and wish Karin all the succes and happiness with Tamara - we are grateful to know she will reinforce the Lusitano legend in Finland.