The beautiful farm in Denmark was built in 2005 as a studfarm for some of the best jumping horses in Denmark at the time. Only the best was good enough and we fell completely in love with the tiny castle in the southern part of Denmark. A spacious farm with 30 hectares of land, where we produce our own hay and have lush fields for the Stud farm to have the best facilities for the mares, foals and young horses to roam and enjoy the green pastures provided by the cooler Danish climate. With everything needed to run a studfarm, we now have the perfect place to continue breeding the Portuguese Lusitano and share it's fabulous abilities with even more people.

The stables are isolated and warm in the cold winters, and equally cool during the summer. The stabled stallions and Schoolmasters have spacious ballroom like boxstalls, and the mares and youngsters live in free range stables, allowing them a natural and yet protected life in larger groups. The slightly majestic feel to the farm, near famous Castles in the region seemed the perfect place for the Portuguese "sons of the wind" to grow up, and we are delighted to welcome you to our home. It is our goal to make this a Lusitano Home-away-from-Home and present the worlds best breed in the best possible way. 


"Ever since I can remember I've dreamed of a way to make horses not only my life but also a way of living. When I journeyed to Portugal I had no idea I would come back to Denmark almost a decade later with the dream fulfilled and boyfriend who also loves horses to go with it. We ran One World Equestrian Center in Portugal for three years together, and although being Portuguese and finding the Danish climate slightly chilly, he continues to stay at my side and together we make the dreams come true. Daniel does everything but ride the horses - he prefers his feet on the ground. With an eye for the tiniest details he takes care of mares, foals and youngsters and assists me in the ground work and daily preparations of the horses. This life where there is rarely a day off and always lots to do is a style of living you have to love - fortunately we share the passion and love. I think that is the reason we have made it all happen and are so happy together.

When we found our farm and noticed there were two seperate family houses there, I jokingly asked my brother if he was looking to change his job. It began as a way of saying "I've missed you and would love to live together on the farm" but talk by talk we realized it could actually become reality. My joy was enormous when he, his beautiful fiancee and their newborn daughter called to accept the job offer. Today we run the farm and the company surrounding all our activities together. What should have been a job in the more administrative part, my brother, Tore, today can be found fixing fences, feeding hay in the free range stables and sweeping or fixing a great meal for us and our guests. I moved back to Denmark with my horses to be closer to my family - and I couldn't have asked for a bigger dream to come true than sharing as we are - the entire family supporting us and our beautiful Lusitanos who made it all happen. "

-Nadja Maria

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