Equine Assisted Team Development is an approach to building leadership awareness and improve Team Dynamics mixing ancient knowledge to modern needs.

We are able to provide insights in the individual, the team and even the company through the unique experience with a promise that we can add value to a new team, existing team and any group with our elements of team building in a creative and fun setting. 

We enhance the understanding of personal impact in creating symbiotic mobilisation of knowledge and power, suitable for all levels of any organisation. And we see eye to eye, litterally speaking. In a safe and enthusiatic atmosphere there are many laughs and lots of care.

In a horse herd all members are equally important.  Horses have a perfect understanding of the importance each member has, for the entire herds survival. In other words, they know they are stronger and smarter together. Horse dynamics have changed the game for those who visited us. Will you be the next?

We only use highly trained and safe horses, who will both give instant and honest feedback, as well as help show new ways to reflect and impact others.

Clips from a Founding Herd workshop

The basics

We use horses to assist us in developing the team, with the fundamental fact that a horse cannot lie as our base. A horse can only be honest and when interacting with humans a horse will reflect how we make him feel or something he picks up, on based on our body language, nervous system and the intention he can detect. 

Horses are highly developed when it comes to switching through the functions of the autonomous nervous system, which basically means they can switch between "stressed" and "relaxed" in seconds. This ability is what helps them detect danger, but avoid spending exessive amounts of energy being stressed or in "alert mode".

We work with horses because they show us our conscious and unconscious behavior. We call it Mind-Body-Intention-Balance (MBIB), because these are what we need to know and understand to take the impact we have on others in command. Equine Assisted Development incorporates the knowledge and power of the natural survival skills we all have, which horses are Mastersminds at portraying and even teaching. The very same skills we can use to develop and strengthen ourselves, our organisation and become more balanced in our social relations. Horses depend on relations with others, which makes them extremely giving, forgiving and always seeking to find a good solution. You will be very surprised at how good they are at reading all the stuff we are trying to hide.

Nadja Maria has trained her equine "assistants" to be able to work safely with people that have no experience with horses. 


The MBI programme consist of a Founding Herd Workshop where the key elements are introduced and put into pracsis. This is our foundation programme and Key Workshop. It is designed so it is very effective on its own, but is also the base for a series of add-on modules where we elaborate on the different elements and skills.

Modules can be added as they fit each organisation or team best.
We are specialized in creating the right sequence for different needs, and can adapt to special requirements.

The Founding Herd and Modules 1-4 are full day workshops.

Founding Herd Workshop

This is your first programme to complete and where the fundamental elements are introduced. We work through the base of the Natural Herd and Natural Leadership effects. Key words are Personal impact
and the consequential Team Impact. 

Social Relations are not only crucial to what makes humans feel good, but also a key to improving creativity and strengthening any team or organisation. The better we know each others skills and weaknesses, the better we can help eachother and become a trusting herd - The trusting Team.

Implementing the survival skills of a herd of horses to our team performance makes us able to understand why we are all equally important, and only by working together are we all able to succeed.

We introduce the Equine assistants and teach the basic skills that will be used in all Modules. 

Module 1: Personal Impact
The Natural Leader

Take your personal presence and impact to a new level through this practical workshop where we focus on the natural leadership. You will get a Personal MBI Profile,  that helps you understand and balance your bodylanguage and mental intention to any current task. Making you able to create a following Team by the power of good relations.

Learn to balance all social relations and interactions with a strong personal knowledge of your own capabilities and find out how you can transform from being a transactional manager to a leader. Mobilising ideas, power and knowledge and getting everyone to work in the same direction. 

Open up to the power of your  personal Mind Body Intention profile that will be completed with Equine Guidance.

Module 2: Team Leader Impact
Team Leader Training 

Open up to the power of your personal Mind Body Intention profile that will be completed with Equine Guidance.

Take your personal presence and impact to a new level through this practical workshop where we focus on the Team leadership. Learn to balance your leadership so you make the most selfcarrying team. You will learn and understand how you can motivate and mobillise your team, and how and when you need to step in - and especially step out again in the most optimal way.

This module is useful for new team leaders and as developing and further educating existing Team Leaders. Level of intensity can be individually adapted to specifik needs and intent.

Module 3: MBIB Ambassador
Safespace 360 Training

Strengthen your organisation with Mind Body Intentional Balance Ambassadors. This module is created with The Polyvagal Equine Institute and is designed to help your organisation become a safe workspace.

Ambassadors are taught how to recognise imbalance and inconsistencies in the wellbeing of collegues. We use the horses to show and tell how the autonomous nervous system, designed to help us survive as hunter-gathers long ago, comes into action, and understand the whole person. 

MBIB Ambassadors will know how to approach and assist in a caring matter, help regulate and balance challenges and be a Safespace 360 guide and take the best possible care of the individual human being.

Trainings can be closed for one organisation or company as well as individuals attending open cross-company  trainings. 

Module 4: Organisational Growth & Change 

Get your herd together

Any change in an organisation can cause nervousness and it's a normal human response to question change. This module will get your Leaders dressed to effortlessly roll out any change and have their teams understand and step behind the new direction or change of road. 

Equine assisted practical trainings will teach and develop a profound understanding of what makes a change or shift become a natural and welcomed new adventure. 

Deepening the understanding of human behaviour and responses to change, and creating a personal perceptance of how to create the motivational factors that is key to making changes, or organisational restructuring a succes.

Let's work together!

The programs have a frame that allows us to adapt our programs around your team and specific challenges, wants or needs. In working with live animals we get unexpected input that can take us further than planned and as a whole your team and me and my team of horses will finish on a note that leaves none of us indefifferent.

Our workshops at standard suits maximum 12 people.
For larger groups please inquire as we can make almost anything happen. 

The workshops we have been through have helped us implement changes that not only made everyone more present, but also more effecient and aware. 
These workshops are the best our Company havde invested in. 



"Nadjas words were not the easy and usual one-liners, but linking in a very precise, concrete and lived-through manner, what was happening to us in our business lives, and interaction with others in general, with what needed change.
At age 59 I had not expected to get such a new experience."



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