Samora CDR
Samora CDR
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When I first met the Lusitano horse I fell in love. The loyalty, intelligence and versatility of this magnificient breed soon became the very heartbeat of my life. I moved to Portugal to spend almost a decade living and learning about Lusitanos and the culture that has created and maintained the Lusitano as we know it today. 

I founded Coudelaria do Ribatejo with the vision of giving life to horses that will be true to the origin of the breed, and allow horse lovers from all over the world to enjoy and feel what a Lusitano can bring into your life. 

I am a dressage Grand Prix rider, and I would never choose another breed as my partner - be it on a hack or in the show ring. For Coudelaria do Ribatejo I have selected a group of mares that represent the breed as I have come to know and love it. I breed horses for Grand Prix riders as well as Deluxe Leisure riders with the same foundation:

Rideability. Loyalty. Intelligence. Bravery. 


-Nadja Maria



As much as we love them and basically would love to keep them all, the main goal for the stud farm is to provide you with the perfect Lusitano. We have youngstock and foals for sale, and we are proud to also provide you with the option to let your purchased foal stay here at the farm and grow up in larger groups of youngsters at similar ages until the age of 3 years old.

We breed to quality proven Sires from Portugal that match well with the individual mares, as well as our own Lusitano stallions. They are also available to breeders world wide. You can see our stallions here.
We bring in top quality stalliions from the breed, to ensure openness in the lines as well as production of our next generation of breeding mares and stallions for the future - breeding or competing.

If you are looking for an older horse, do not hesitate to contact us. We also keep a few ridden horses for sale, and we have a broad network in Portugal that allows us to search and select your dream horse, should it not already be born here.

You can see our Breeding Stallions by clicking here