We welcome riders bringing their own horse on all levels. On weekly basis we have a limited number of timeslots, but weekend clinics and/or longer term stays are also possible. Please inquire for available dates. Riders taking lessons on their own horse will have access to supporting lessons on our Schoolmasters as well if desired.


We host various clinics over weekends, with different themes and exclusive guest trainers from Portugal. Take the chance to see a demo lesson, get to know our way of working and find out what you will get from committing to a longer personal course via our Seat training and schoolmaster programmes.


Seat training lessons on the lunge are an invaluable key to improving as a rider. Seat training can stand alone or be used as a supplement to riding lessons. To qualify for riding lessons on our schoolmasters, we have a Five-Lessons-programme that is mandatory. This package is also available for anyone wanting to do only seat training, and here after be able to book drop-in seat training lessons.


We have a selection of horses that are able to teach from basic to Grand Prix. Courses on our Lusitano Schoolmasters are available when committing to a minimum of 10 lessons. If you have already taken the Basic seat-training Five-lessons package, you can go straight to riding lessons. If not, the first five lessons will be seat training.