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Nadja Maria is BSc in communication, 2007, certified Team Coach, 2008, Certified Yoga-instructor, 2019 and a FEI Grand Prix dressage rider. Nadja is also a Keynote speaker and has developed a program working with horses to improve connection, Mental Health and overall Team Development for companies all over Europe. She has over 20 years of being a horseriding trainer, teacher and coach, as well as her own training and education as a rider holds some of Portugals absolute elite riders.

One World Equestrian Center was founded in Portugal in 2017, after Nadja Maria had worked for five years in Portugal as an employed rider, Stud Farm manager and Director of an Equestrian Turism Facility. She had a vision of helping riders from all over the world improve and learn from the best teachers she had met - the Lusitanos. Her unique seat-training lessons on the lunge soon became a sought after and invaluable part of the clinics, and a full time business had begun.

Nadja Maria has a special gift of knowing when a rider needs a mental, physical or technical adjustment - and her dedication, nerdiness and love for the horses has made her a sought after trainer. 

The breeding programme known today as Coudelaria do Ribatejo was the result of a collaboration with a good friend and investor, who helped boost the programme and allowed CDR to become a fast growing stud farm of high quality Lusitanos. After only four years of breeding offspring are already represented in the USA, UK, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.  

After four years of being Ambassadors for the Lusitano Breed in Scandinavia, selling more than 30 horses in three years to the Scandinavian Market, Nadja Maria and Daniel are aiming to return to Portugal and the roots of the breed that they so proudly represent. 

In 2024 Nadja Maria is debuting as an author, and with an increased focus on helping companies and people, the adventures with the Lusitanos have only just begun.