One World Equestrian Center was founded in Portugal in 2017, from a vision of helping riders from all over the world improve an learn from the best teachers - the Lusitanos. The unique seat-training lessons on the lunge soon became a sought after and invaluable part of the clinics. Riders from all levels all begin their training with the mandatory sitting lessons.

Nadja Maria became a certified Yoga-instruktor in 2019, in order to not only identify the weaknesses of the riders, but give them the tools to understand and improve their physical condition - and thereby their riding. 

For all to become light and balanced both horse and rider must be balanced on their own. At One World Equestrian Center you learn to do ecaxtly that for you and your horse.

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The team surrounding the trainings consist of Physioterapists and Yoga/Personal Training instructors, who assist the riders when needed in improving their physical body in order to achieve their goals as riders. We welcome all levels and have several years of experience with Para-riders as well.

The Center is open for training courses on our horses, but also for riders bringing their own horse for lessons, clinics or longer stays.

All riders will have mandatory seat-training on the lunge before moving on to lessons with our Schoolmasters. Knowing how to use the seat and having it under control is key to improve and advance as a rider - be it for leisure or Grand Prix.