NOVILHEIRO is with the first-born son of Vitorino and stands at 165 cm. Named after his Great-Grandfather, his pedigree bears witness to some very big shoes to fill. So far he has proven to be extremely easy to teach with a high degree of rideability and as we are slowly bringing him on, he shows a massive desire to learn and is a very focused horse who get's it all at first try. 

Besides his mesmerizing looks of a horse fit for a fairytale or even a Hollywood movie, his general character is incredibly kind and very brave. He doesn't spook at anything and handles new things head on. His gaits are very correct and well balanced with great expression, showing a fantastic walk and canter, his trot is developing to a very expressive level. He is negative to hypermobility. 

Novilheiro is a charming horse with an impressive attitude and a sweet demenor. He is super polite and very willing to work, so we are very excited to show him for breeding approval and look forward to serving mares in 2024.

Novilheiro is available pending breeding approval for Season 2024.

STUD FEE: Not available

Terms and Conditions


The full amount is to be payed upfront when ordering the semen. In the stud fee is included the first collection of semen. Should the mare not get pregnant at first try, the stud fee also include another four tries for the same mare within the same year, and one in the following year, pending veterinary dokumentation of unsuccessful insemination. Veterinary expenses for second and following collections are not included.

Please note: It is the duty of the owner of the mare to inform Ribatejo Lusitanos if the mare is not in foal. It is not allowed to use semen ordered for one mare for another, without written permission from Ribatejo Lusitanos.

Stabeling price for mares to be inseminated per day: 15,00€. 
Mares are accepted for insemination from March 15th 2023. Please contact us for further details.

All prices are excl. VAT and veterinary expenses unless stated otherwise.