VITORINO is a 167 cm tall buckskin stallion out of supreme bloodlines and is a confirmed FEI Grand Prix dressage horse, who is at age 19 still working and competing at this level. He has no X-ray changes and is sound and healthy. A majestic stallion with impressive presence and proven healthy physique. This is truly a top level horse with all the right characteristics in his offspring to be known as an even better father as he breeds even higher quality than himself. 

His lineage hold several Grand Prix horses and desired blood from the Veiga and Andrade houses, as well as he holds an interesting genetic through his Ortigão Costa blood from Ripado. 

He is a powerful horse with a strong, but gentle character. He is at the same time a brave and courageous horse with a great sense of loyalty and rideability towards his rider. He has proven himselft also in Working Equitation as a former National Champion in his first competition year, as well as he has proven to be an exellent schoolmaster.

He transmits strong bone, typical, correct morfology and a fantastic character and super temperament as well as very intelligent and brave offspring. He gives very good dimension with all mare types, and is overall a very correct horse in what he transmits to his foals. 

This is the stallion to select if you are looking to breed a typical Lusitano with a strong confirmation, and correct gaits - be it for Leisure or Grand Prix. Vitorino is negative to joint hypermobility.

He is also a very interesting horse for a cross-breed breeder in search of the Lusitano characteristics of ease in the collected exersizes, and a horse that can deliver rideability and performance at FEI level. 

STUD FEE: 1.400,00€ incl. VAT

Terms and Conditions


The full amount is to be payed upfront when ordering the semen. In the stud fee is included the first collection of semen. Should the mare not get pregnant at first try, the stud fee also include another four tries for the same mare within the same year, and one in the following year, pending veterinary documentation of unsuccessful insemination. Veterinary expenses for second and following collections are not included. Collection fee for following collections are 80€ pr. collection plus cost of shipping if applicable.

Please note: It is the duty of the owner of the mare to inform Ribatejo Lusitanos if the mare is not in foal. It is not allowed to use semen ordered for one mare for another, without written permission from Ribatejo Lusitanos.

Stabeling price for mares to be inseminated per day: 15€. 
Mares are accepted for insemination from March 15th 2023. Please contact us for further details.

All prices are excl. VAT and veterinary expenses unless stated othervise.