Z-CHIBANGA is honestly a real life Black Beauty and his 162 cm feels like much more! His extraordinary looks are not even enough to match his excelent character and level of rideability. He has a superb ability to adapt to his rider, always in the mood to show all his skills. He is a high level trained dressage horse, working at Grand Prix level, a former bullfighting horse with neverending courage and skill, as well as a barn darling. 

It is hard to put this horse into words, as he is such a special character. Giving, kind, loyal, trustworthy, brave, extremely intelligent and the list goes on. This is a once in a lifetime horse, a magical Lusitano that feels more like a blessing than a real life animal. It is impossible to find a better mind, level of intelligence and then we haven't even begun to talk about his expressive, correct and elastic gaits. 

Chibanga has been an invaluable schoolmaster, and helped me teach children and adults, but I must admit he is really a luxury for myself nowadays. There isn't a day he doesn't put a huge smile on my face and as much as I would have liked to include him in my breeding program, sadly his mother was never presented for the commitee. This means he can't be accepted into the studbook, although he is proven pure by DNA. A Lusitano lost to the continuous work of breeders, and a huge reminder as to why it is very important to breed to approved stallions and mares, so a gem like Chibanga won't go lost again. 

Breed responsibly, and remember Chibanga could have been a PSL approved stallion, if his mother had been presented before his birth. We never know what will happen, and her early departure sent him out of the studbook. So we can't support using him for breeding, as we work hard to support the Pure Lusitano Breed, and although it saddens us immensely, we can only support breeding horses that can be apt for complete registration under EU law.