Equador MVL x Ufico AR x Isquemico AR

Stunning Lusitano colt born May 15th 2021

This wonderful colt is by far a winner when it comes to being cool, impossible to scare and with a grounded and chill precense. His intire being seems an old soul, and he takes anything new with a royal tranquility. He is a horse that will become your best and most trusted friend! Son of the recordbreaking dressage sire Equador MVL he is part of the last of the offspring legacy this groundbreaking stallion left behind. 

Dam line is Alter Real, with the Sire of Rubi AR among other prestigious stallions to mention. His entire pedigree promise nothing but rideability, a fabulous character and all the chraracteristics we love and honor about the Lusitano, a noble, kind, giving and loyal horse with a great intellect. 

His amazing character and curious mind promise a true friend and very brave partner for any type of discipline. He can do anything - you get to chose what you'd like.

Full APSL papers - DNA tested - Negative to Piroplasmosis
Expected height 163-165 cm

For futher information please contact
by email: or call: +45 3074 7425

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